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Our Story

2020 brought with it a lot of uncertainties. The government’s unconstitutional lockdowns hurt small business owners throughout our country while big-box stores and internet giants like Amazon were allowed to flourish. These unprecedented times required unprecedented bravery to stand up to those in power—and that’s why we started BRAVE Coalition!

When COVID hit, local governments sided with who they thought were the winners—big corporations—and ignored the rest of us. The BRAVE Coalition consists of small business owners, employees, customers, and supporters who want to prove the government wrong and return to their regular lives.

Started as a grassroots organization in January 2021, the members of the BRAVE coalition came together to take a stand against the increasingly strict lockdown laws and restrictions placed on American businesses. We know that opening small businesses fully is the only way to restore the fellowship and health of local communities and the nation. By joining our movement and contributing to our cause, you do much more than just helping your local mom and pop shop survive—you are protecting the communities where you live, go to school, worship, and conduct business.

Support our cause and protect the freedom, liberty, and constitutional rights of your fellow Americans!

Why Join Us?

Worried about how your business will do in the post-COVID world and feel like there is no place to voice your concerns? By yourself, your voice may have been ignored, but together, we can show them we are a formidable force. Since the beginning of COVID, government officials have ordered:

  • Mom and pop shops to close their doors.
  • People to stay at home—killing the local economy!
  • Families to keep their kids out of schools, sports, and camps.
  • Churches and religious organizations to pause in-person worship.

But enough is enough! We have the right to make a living and live, travel, worship, and shop wherever we want. So, become a BRAVE member and get full access to our resources—find court cases and relevant scientific data that will help you navigate these uncharted times. We also arrange regular meetings to share ideas and inform members who are open for shopping, exercising, getting our hair cut, getting our nails done, and eating with family and friends.

People Standing on White Floor Tiles

We Are a Membership Organization

  • Brave is an organization of private citizens that champions the interests of small businesses.
  • We are a group of business owners and their supporters who believe in the power of the American Dream.
  • Members keep their businesses fully open no matter what.
  • You can list your business so shoppers can find it more easily.
  • Assists members by providing resources, information, and collective actions to help them reclaim their businesses and livelihoods.
  • Legal documents, articles, research papers, and more are available from the library to help members craft an effective, coordinated response to authorities.

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Disclaimer: Contributions to BRAVE are not tax-deductible.

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